Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD) of the University of Dhaka/BSMMU


The object of the teaching programme is to provide our medical graduates with facilities to acquire adequate specialized knowledge in Tuberculosis and diseases of Chest. The country is in need of specialists in this field of medicine. NIDCH has produced 270 specialist including 4 foreign specialist in this field till now.
The course is arranged by the National Institute of diseases of the Chest and Hospital, with due care so as to cover tuberculosis in all aspects and the diseases of the Chest. The programme is broad based; besides clinical subjects it provides instruction on basic medical science and medical statistics. The course extends over one academic year. Theoretical lectures and practical classes are arranged in the class rooms of the Institute. For clinical work the students are attached to clinical units; of the Institute, where they work under the guidance of  the unit chief. For practical work in prevention and control of tuberculosis, students are attached to Tuberculosis Control and Training Institute, where they work under guidance and supervision of the Project Director of the said Institute.


Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD)
1. Candidate will be admitted to the DTCD examination part I and part II who:
    (a) have obtained the degree of MBBS of the University of Dhaka or its equivalent and  
         Registerable by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council
    (b) have put in (i) at least one year’s whole-time hospital practice as House Staff in a Medical College Hospital, Chest Hospital or T.B. Hospital (bed strength not less than 100) or (ii) six months whole-time hospital practice as House Staff in a Medical College Hospital and in addition worked as Medical Officer for at least one year in a Government Tuberculosis Control Centre or TB Clinic or some other hospitals recognized for the purpose, by the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Sciences & Research, Dhaka University/BSMMU. 
    (c) has produce the following certificates duly signed by the head of the Institute of    Diseases of the Chest & Hospital, Dhaka:-
         (i) that the candidate possesses good character
         (ii) that the candidate has been enrolled on the course of instructions for the Diploma during the academic year proceeding the examination in the Institute of    Diseases of the Chest & Hospital, Dhaka
         (iii) that the candidate has attended 75% of the lectures, demonstration and practical classes as prescribed for the course in Appendix A.
         Provided that the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Sciences & Research shall have power to exclude any candidate from the examination if it considers that such candidate is not a fit person to be admitted thereto.
2. An examination for the Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases will be held annually in January and July or at such time as the University may determine.