Radiology and Imaging

Radiology and Imaging is the most important dynamic department for the diagnostic as well as therapeutic purposes. Modern Radiology and Imaging department can help in the diagnosis of around 70% of the diseases. It deals with acquisition, viewing and interpretation of images for the diagnosis of diseases. It also provides image guided minimally invasive therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. Hence, it has become an integral part of a modern health care facility.
From its inauguration in September 1955, Department of Radiology and Imaging of National Institute of Diseases of the Chest and Hospital (NIDCH) has been playing significant role in patient care as well as academic and research activities. We offer diagnostic radiology and image-guided interventional services to patients. We actively participate in medical education and training to post graduate medical students and technologists.

Manpower of Radiology & Imaging Department:
Currently following manpower are present in this department:

1. Associate Professor and Head of the Department: 01
2. Radiologist: 02 

3. Medical Officer: 01 

4. Nurse: 02 

5. Radiographer: 09 

6. Dark-room Assistant: 05 

7. MLSS: 02



Name of postNumberName & Academic qualifications


Associate Professor




Dr. Sabina Akhter

MBBS, MD (Radiology & Imaging)

Mobile No. 01715003675


Dr. Sultana Yeasmin

MBBS, MD (Radiology & Imaging)

Mobile No. 01816581541



Dr. FahmidaSharmin

MBBS, MD (Radiology & Imaging)

Mobile No. 0176403412


Medical Officer01

Dr. FarzanaNahid


Mobile No. 01819226355


Machines / Equipments:
This department has following functioning machines and equipments: 1. 128 slice Multidetector Computerized Spiral Tomography Machine: 01 2. X-ray Machine: i. Digital machine 02 (1000 MA, one with fluoroscopy facility)
ii. CR machine 01
iii. Portable X-ray Machine: 02 3. Ultrasonography Machine: 02 (with colour Doppler & 4D probe).

Service given by this department:
Presently, following services are provided by this department : 1. All types of X-rays, ultrasonography and CT scan of outdoor and indoor patients. Moreover, interventional radiological procedures also rendered by this department, especially : - CT guided FNA and core biopsy. - USG guided aspiration, FNA & core biopsy.
2. Different contrast examinations.

Academic activities of this department: 

1. Conducting classes of different post-graduate courses
- Radiology & Imaging,
- Pulmonology and
- Thoracic Surgery.
2. Case presentation and CME seminar
3. Research activities

Future plan 

1. National Institute of Diseases of the Chest and Hospital (NIDCH) is a tertiary hospital and the last hope for the patients suffering from respiratory diseases all over the country. Almost each patient has to take service from the radiology department at least for once. Our goal is to provide the best radiological services to every patient. 

2. To enrich academic & research activities.