Unit-3 - (LightPink)

Efficient surgeons of thoracic surgery Unit-III have been rendering excellent job regarding patient services. The unit is always committed to setting the highest standard for all kinds of chest & esophagus related routine and emergency operation including VATS, all endoscopic procedures, patient care, professional education, teaching and training. Under guidance of unit chief, the unit is not only participating in academic arena but also showing excellence in patient care in indoor and emergency services, Follow up, research activities, publications and human resource development. Working as a team, we are looking forward to create the opportunity to nimbly navigate a very competitive clinical & academic environment without wavering from our mission of serving the people of the country.

Organogram of surgery unit III:

The Surgery Unit-IIIof Department of Thoracic Surgery at present running with following manpower-

Designation                                                                                                      Number

Professor                                                                                                                     00

Associate Professor                                                                                                    01

Assistant Professor                                                                                                    00

Registrar                                                                                                            01

House surgeon                                                                                                 01

Medical Officer                                                                                                 01

Admission day: Every Monday, Thursday and Friday by rotation.
Clinical presentation day: The day after admission day.